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SOUTH AMERICAN – PERU – categorized as – Anytime Coffee

  • TASTE NOTES: moderate acidity, deep array of flavors
  • Processing * Washed
  • Plant Varietal * Catimor, Caturra, Typica
  • Farmers * Grown by 109 Smallholder Families
  • Altitude * 1,300-1,70 MASL
  • Very versatile coffee – excellent as a blender or solo.

Peruvian coffee – this coffee is grown and harvested by 109 families. These coffee plantations are located in Amazon, Uctubamba in the district of Lonya Grande at high altitudes of 1,300-1,700 MASL. This coffee is processed with the washed processing and is sundried. It is grade ll from the plant varietals of Catimor, Caturra, and Typica. This coffee has proven to be very versatile, is an excellent coffee as a blender or solo. Peruvian coffees tend to have the Central American brightness but in a South American coffee flavor package overall.

PERU History – Cajamarca is located in the north part of the country and shares a border with Ecudor. It is located at heights reaching 8900 feet above sea level in the Andes Mountain Range, the longest mountain range in the world. Coffee production came to Peru in the 1700s. After two centuries, the heirloom Typica variety still comprises 60 percent of the country’s exports. There are more than 110,000 coffee growers in Peru, most of who are indigenous to these landscapes and speak Spanish as a second language. The average land holding farmer lives on two or three hectares, hours away from the comforts of both the national economy and the global coffee supply. Peru is quickly building a global reputation for producing traditionally cultivated, shade grown, high quality Arabbica beans. Peruvian coffee farmers’ landholdings are small, and the country’s typical micro-wet-milling operation is even smaller. From May to September, farmers pick ripe cherries and carry them to hand pulpers and wooden fermentation tanks. This tradition of micro-wet-milling has protected Peru’s water resources from the devastating effects of river polluting factories. After processing their coffee, most farmers hike their beans by foot or mule into the nearest town a trip that can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 hours or more. On Saturdays, the plaza of the closest town becomes a buying and selling station for the surrounding remote coffee growers. Farmers sell their coffee and buy goods for their homes before heading back up the mountainous foot trails. During the last decade, Peru’s smallholder cooperatives consolidated their movements and provided a more organized and rewarding opportunity for tens of thousands of small holders. Many of the smaller holders now belong to cooperative organizations. These cooperatives have linked with International Fair Trade and Organic networks. Peruvian small holder cooperatives have quickly become the second largest suppliers of Fair Trade certified coffee after Mexico and is now one of the world’s top Organic producers.

Peruvian – recommended roast level – Blonde to Dark


AUTUMN BREEZE BLEND – try the combo – Peru/Autumn Breeze Blend

  • TASTE NOTES: silky smooth chocolate, boysenberry, peach pie
  • 2 – Region Trio
  • South America * Africa * South America
  • Categorized as * Anytime Coffee/Holiday Coffee
  • Like the awesome fall beauty of the woods, and a cool autumn breeze rippling the crystal mountain water.

AUTUMN BREEZE is a 2 region trio that plays a beautiful symphony on your taste buds like the awesome fall beauty of the woods and nature. Like a cool autumn breeze rippling the crystal mountain water, the smooth rippling brightness of this coffee is a sweet and refreshing treat.

You want the best cup of coffee and so do we. That’s why we carefully select only top-quality coffee beans with excellent high ratings at the cupping table. Rest assured our coffee beans will produce an extraordinarily great cup of coffee for you. Because quality begins at the farm, we enthusiastically encourage biodiversity, and sustainable farming practices. We buy from farmers and partners who embrace our high ideals, and who treat workers well and pay fairly. We’ve found that those who are committed to these goals, grow coffees with the finest taste and highest quality.