African Coffee Beans and First Date Destinations

A first date is all about getting to know a person better. It is the next logical step after chatting online or meeting through a mutual friend. Now it is time to see if there is really a flame that needs to be stoked or if it will simply fall flat. What you need to…read more

Ethiopian Coffee Beans and Uses For Used Coffee Grounds

In what way do you usually get rid of your used coffee grounds? Do they wind up at the bottom of the garbage disposal? We hope not, coffee grounds aren’t good for your garbage disposal. Still, you might just toss your used coffee grounds into the garbage when you are done. Others might throw them…read more

African Coffee Beans and Reasons Why Coffee is Better Than Having a Girlfriend

Women, you can’t live with them and life isn’t any fun without them. But when it comes to coffee, there is no living without it. To all the men out there who are single and bitter about it, there is no need to fret. Girlfriends will come and they will go, but coffee will be…read more

Unroasted Coffee Beans and Coffee Makers

America runs on caffeine. There is just no use denying it, there are millions of Americans who, quite honestly, could not make it through the day without their coffee. For these Americans, coffee is a mandatory part of their day. And in all likelihood, their day begins by brewing a pot of coffee in their…read more