FREE SHIPPING – Thank you for shopping with us! You will find we have a great selection of specialty-grade coffee beans fresh roasted or unroasted and we even have a wholesale section to help save you lots of money! Nearly every order ships within 24 hours and best of all most of our items include FREE SHIPPING! Your order will be shipped by USPS Priority 2-3-day label and should deliver to you in approx. 3-5 business days from the time you place your order.

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SPECIALTY-GRADE COFFEE – You want the best cup of coffee and so do we. That’s why we use only the very finest coffee beans. Rest assured, you will not find a better coffee anywhere. Our coffees are grown by those who practice sustainable farming and encourage bio-diversity. We buy from partners who treat workers well and pay fairly. We’ve found that those who are committed to these goals grow coffees with the finest taste and highest quality.

ROMANCE – There is a coffee romance awakening nationwide as so many are discovering the wonderful delights of fresh roasted coffee. It’s just that coffee ‘fresh out of the roaster’ is so alive and bursting with flavor – it is simply amazing… especially if what you are used to are the ‘old’ supermarket offerings. And what is so totally cool are the many different flavors that you can experience! The reason the supermarket offerings taste old and tired are simply the fact that in reality they are! You see… the aromatics of the coffee are most alive in the first 7 days after roasting and they slowly decline after that.

COFFEE CHERRIES – These many unique bean flavors are developed within the coffee seeds as the coffee cherries mature on the plant. Some of the causes of the many flavor variations include, the region where the plant grows, the soil makeup, the growing elevation, precipitation during the growing season, and specific plant varietal… to name a few. A good roaster can develop these flavors during the roast, coaxing out the best flavor profile that each bean has to offer.

NAVIGATION – If you are interested in roasting your own coffee start with one ‘or several’  of our fine unroasted selections. To shop all of our unroasted beans click the Unroasted tab on the menu ribbon at the top of the page. To select beans from a single origin, click the down arrow beside Unroasted tab and scroll down to the one you want. For a half-caffeine version of the single origin bean click the side arrow on any single origin and select half caffeine. If you have a coupon code enter it into the coupon field at checkout and click to apply it to your order.

WHOLESALE – If you like to save money on larger orders of coffee beans, shop our Wholesale section. You will find the best prices in this section, just remember since the prices are already so low on these wholesale items – they will not accept any further discounts or coupons.

ROASTED – Our fresh roasted coffee is highly recommended! We only roast to order, we do not stock any pre-roasted beans at all. First you select the beans you want, then select the weight, and specific roast level. What is really great about our roasted coffee, is the fact that you get to select your specific roast level based on temperature, and our roast pull points are only 10 degrees apart. This allows you to experience the many different flavors that each bean origin has to offer.

SUBSCRIBE – For the ultimate in convenience sign-up for one ‘or several’ of our subscriptions. Your coffee will automatically deliver to you every 2 weeks, monthly, bimonthly, or every 3 months. This is also the most economical way to purchase your coffee, saving close to 40% from the usual prices. This option is available in both our roasted and unroasted categories.

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