SAMPLE COMBO – GREEN COFFEE BEANS – 2 bags 1/2 pound each – 1 sample brews approx. 30 cups of coffee

  • 2 Green Coffee Bean Samples * You will get 2 – 1/2 pound green coffee bean samples
  • Combo – 1 Origin + 1 Blend * get 1 bag Single Origin and 1 bag Signature Blend
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You want the best cup of coffee and so do we. That’s why we carefully select only top-quality coffee beans with excellent high ratings at the cupping table. Rest assured our coffee beans will produce an extraordinarily great cup of coffee for you. Because quality begins at the farm, we enthusiastically encourage biodiversity, and sustainable farming practices. We buy from farmers and partners who embrace our high ideals, and who treat workers well and pay fairly. We’ve found that those who are committed to these goals, grow coffees with the finest taste and highest quality.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Sampler Combos

Brazil * Fireside, Brazil Peaberry * House Special, Champion Espresso * Wild Africa Espresso, Colombia * Roasters Delight, Colombia Supremo * Log Cabin, Costa Rica * Tropical Paradise, Costa Rica Peaberry * Lakeshore, El Salvador * Country Roads, Ethiopia Guji * Dessert, Ethiopia Sidamo * Good Morning, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe * Breakfast, Golden Espresso * Crema Queen Espresso, Guatemala * Holiday, Guatemala Antigua * Mountain Vista, Guatemala Huehuetenango * Whitewater Run, Honduras * Friendship Fair, India Robusta Cherry * Poppin Espresso, Java * Ridge Runner, Kenya * Bold, Mexican * Mexican Fiesta, Monsooned Malabar * Legendary, Myanmar * Lighthouse, Nicaragua * Coffee Break, Papua New Guinea * High Octane Express, Peru * Autumn Breeze, Queen City Harrar * Alpine Delight, Rwanda * North Woods, Smooth Blend * Jack Frost, Sulawesi * Backwoods Hike, Sumatra * Red Barn, Tanzania * Cozy, Tanzania Peaberry * African Safari, Uganda * African Sunrise