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AFRICAN – TANZANIA PEABERRY – categorized as – Breakfast Coffee

  • TASTE NOTES: bing cherry, ginger, lime, and fruit cocktail
  • Processing * Wet Processed
  • Plant Varietal * Bourbon, Typica
  • Farmers * Tembo Coffee Cooperative
  • Altitude * 1,400-2,000 Meters
  • All Hand-Picked from Smallholder Farmers.

Tanzania Peaberry – this coffee comes from the Southern Highlands of Tanzania and is a rare peaberry. Peaberry coffees are very rare, occurring in only 5% or less of crops when only one bean inside the cherry develops, creating a concentrated flavor in the bean. This coffee was grown in Tanzania’s fertile volcanic soil that is lightly acidic, rich in nitrogen, potassium, and magnesium. This Co-Op consists of roughly 10,000 smallholder farmers that own, on average 500 trees each. Many practice subsistence farming methods and all their coffee is handpicked.

Tanzania Peaberry – recommended roast level – Light to Dark


AFRICAN SAFARI BLEND – try the combo – Tanzania Peabrry/African Safari Blend

  • TASTE NOTES: pecan, bing cherry, apricot
  • 1 – Region Trio
  • Africa * Africa * Africa
  • Categorized as * Adventure Coffee/Summer Coffee
  • As diverse as African wildlife this blend will excite your taste buds with an invigorating cup.

AFRICAN SAFARI – An African safari isn’t a passive experience. It isn’t just about glimpsing wildlife. You’re enveloped in their untamed world, absolutely surrounded by nature’s beauty, the drama & charm of the planet’s greatest theater; every angle is unique, each moment is personalized. If you like adventure this blend is for you!