Fresh Roasted Mountain Vista Blend


MOUNTAIN VISTA BLEND – ADVENTURE SERIES Frequently purchased together with Country Roads Blend.

  • TASTE NOTES: vine ripe boysenberry, kiwi, chocolate finish
  • 3 – Region Blend
  • Africa * Indonesia * Central America
  • Yirgacheffe * Sulawesi * Guatemala
  • This blend plays on your taste buds like the beauty of a rugged scenic mountain vista.

MOUNTAIN VISTA – a mountain vista is what you stop to see when you climb to the top of a mountain, or pull off the road at the “scenic view” rest stop. The natural rugged beauty of the landscape… natures beautiful panorama complete with wildflowers, berry brambles, and wildlife. This is what you came to see, what you planned your vacation for, the reason you climbed the steep trail, so rest a moment and take it all in… natures beautiful hideaway… your mountain vista.



PERSONALIZE YOUR ROAST! – Why is our coffee so much better?

  • Super Fresh – we only roast-to-order, we never pre-roast to stock as most roasters do.
  • Best Taste – expertly developed profiles bring maximum sweetness/flavor to the cup.
  • It’s Your Coffee – you get to choose from many origins and exciting new blends!
  • It’s Your Roast – choosing your own roast level is a blast!
  • Adventure – just like roasting it yourself in your backyard – you own it!
  • Rewarding – boring is gone! Now you stock your coffee bar with multiple choices!
  • Hero – you become the coffee expert! Wowing your friends and family!

CHOOSING YOUR ROAST LEVEL – our most popular roast level is 392*F Medium/Dark Roast.

  • 362*F FIRST CRACK – this roast is pulled towards end of first crack. It is loaded with the awesome sweet and rich light roast taste.
  • 372*F LIGHT ROAST – the roast is pulled about a minute past first crack. This is a very nicely developed light roast, almost bordering close to a light/medium roast, it is sweet and delicious, the cup still has the light roast tastes that the light roast fans crave.
  • 382*F MEDIUM ROAST – this is the midway point between first and second crack. A beautifully developed sweet medium roast, the cup has a little more clarity with a little sweeter and cleaner taste, the light roast taste is gone.
  • 392*F MEDIUM/DARK ROAST – our standard roast, pulled as the very first pops of second crack begin. This roast is perfectly developed with maximum sweetness and the unique bean flavors are at their peak.
  • 402*F DARK ROAST – pulled just past second crack. This roast is robust in flavor, it is still sweet, and most of the bean’s unique flavors are still well defined, the roast has now taken on some of the popular dark roast taste.
  • 412*F FRENCH ROAST – if you like a richly robust cup this one is for you. Beans are dark and oily. This is that intense dark roast taste that is so popular today.

If you are new to the coffee adventure we recommend starting with our most popular 392*F Medium/ Dark Roast you can’t go wrong with this choice! Most customers like to round out their coffee bar with a few lighter and darker roasts as well. You’ll find that different beans and roast levels will highlight your drinks in exciting new ways.

Order Today/Roasted Today – coffee is roasted and shipped within 24 hours – Monday-Friday (excluding holidays). We never pre-roast for stock as most roasters do. Every order is roasted to order – super fresh and just the way you like it. It’s your coffee… it’s your roast…. coffee roasted your way!

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