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AFRICAN – ETHIOPIA YIRGACHEFFE – categorized as – Espresso Coffee

  • TASTE NOTES: juicy, fruity, (blueberry, lemon), very clean and bright
  • Processing * Washed
  • Plant Varietal * Ethiopian Heirloom
  • Farm * ECX Coffee
  • Altitude * 1,770-2,200 Meters
  • Considered as Finest of the Ethiopian Coffees

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe is excellent high-altitude coffee with fragrant flowery notes, sweet spicy lower notes, and a unique distinctive full body taste and is widely considered to be the finest of the Ethiopian coffees. It has a great roast range from light to dark with excellent flavor. The washed processing produces what is termed as clean cup. The benefit of clean cup is it allows the acidity in the coffee to really shine.

The wet processing of the coffee beans involves first washing off the coffee fruit (coffee cherry) in order to remove and fleshy or fruity material on the fruit. This is done right after harvest while the fruit is still moist. This is done to remove the pulp from the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee fruit and then the next step is to remove the mucilage through the process known as fermentation. Typically the coffee beans are soaked in water in order to soften the fleshy material and then they are de-pulped and placed in fermentation tank in order to remove the mucilage. Once fermentation is complete then the coffee beans are dried. Drying off the coffee  beans may occur either in the direct sunlight or through forced air-drying methods. The goal is to lower the moisture content to 10.5 percent. The benefits of wet processing are that it produces what is termed as a “clean cup” of brewed coffee. The benefit of a clean cup of coffee that the acidity allows the coffee to “shine”. In general the wet processing produces a coffee with a higher acidity than a dry processed coffee and the wet processed coffee will tend to be much cleaner and have a more floral and winey flavor.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe – recommended roast level – Light to Dark


BREAKFAST BLEND – try the combo – Yirgacheffe/Breakfast Blend

  • TASTE NOTES: blueberry acidity, strawberry fig pie, peachy finish
  • 2 – Region Trio
  • South America * Africa * Africa
  • Categorized as * Breakfast Coffee/Social Coffee
  • What better way to wake up and start the day than with a fresh, bright-tasting, and happy coffee!

BREAKFAST BLEND – In this Breakfast Blend we tame that famous Ethiopian blueberry acidity just a bit into a delightfully pleasant cup of coffee. It still features the blueberry acidity on the nose, this quickly melts into a strawberry fig pie, with a peachy finish. An excellent coffee to get the day rolling on the right foot.

You want the best cup of coffee and so do we. That’s why we carefully select only top-quality coffee beans with excellent high ratings at the cupping table. Rest assured our coffee beans will produce an extraordinarily great cup of coffee for you. Because quality begins at the farm, we enthusiastically encourage biodiversity, and sustainable farming practices. We buy from farmers and partners who embrace our high ideals, and who treat workers well and pay fairly. We’ve found that those who are committed to these goals, grow coffees with the finest taste and highest quality.