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AFRICAN – The birthplace of coffee, African coffee, in many ways like the continent itself is very rich in flavor and color. Tastes of these coffees vary tremendously from the winey and floral Kenyans flavors to the dark fruitiness of an Ethiopian coffee.

Many regions of Africa have a long history of producing some the finest tasting coffee in the world. The rich flavors of African blends have become a staple in many American homes. To recommend just one type of coffee from Africa would be unfair, besides, there is no clear winner when it comes to taste as all are definitely palate pleasers.

Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopia is considered the birthplace of coffee and has historically used coffee in many traditions and ceremonies. Ethiopia is home to more than 350,000 coffee farms that distribute their tasty beans worldwide.

Kenyan Coffee

Some of the highest quality coffee come from Kenya and each year after the harvest, the coffee beans are sold at auction in Nairobi. Kenyan coffee tends to hold bright acidity with fruity characteristics.

Tanzanian Coffee

Tanzanian coffee is somewhat similar to its Kenyan neighbors. The prized Tanzanian peaberry coffee is sharp with a very strong flavor and highly sought after.