Unroasted Colombia Half-Caffeine


Region – South America

Origin – Colombia

Location at Origin – Huila region

Grade – Excelso EP

Processing – Washed.  80% Sundried and 20% mechanical drying (due to rainfall)

Certification – Rainforest Alliance

Average Altitude – 1,400 – 1,750 meters

Soil – Volcanic soil with high levels of organic matter.

Plant varietal – Caturra, and Colombia-castillo

Cupping Notes – Smooth, fruity, blackberry finish.  Medium acidity and body.

Half-Caffeine – Colombia Half-Caffeine is a 50/50 blend of full decaf beans and regular Colombia beans creating a full flavored cup of coffee with half the usual caffeine. The perfect solution for those who enjoy the full flavor of regular coffee but wanting a lower caffeine alternative.

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