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Cupping Notes – Concentrated Flavor, Body is Creamy and Full, Slight Nuttiness 



Region – South America

Country – Brazil

Origin – Poco De Caldas

Certifications – RainForest Alliance

Type – Peaberry, Semi-Washed

Varietal – Arabica

Cupping Notes – Concentrated Flavor, Body is Creamy and Full, Slight Nuttiness 


Peaberries are very rare, occurring only 5% or less in crops when only one bean inside the cherry develops, creating a concentrated flavor.


Brazil’s Pocos de Caldas region. Located in the south-west of Minas Gerais state, close to the border with Sao Paulo state, Pocos de Caldas is a very fertile area whose green hills are scattered with coffee farms. It enjoys a mild, temperate climate and an average altitude of at least 1000m (3280 ft.).

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