Fresh Roasted Brazil Half-Caffeine


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Brazil Half-Caffeine is a 50/50 blend of full decaf beans and regular Brazil beans creating a full flavored cup of coffee with half the usual caffeine. The perfect solution for those who enjoy the full flavor of regular coffee but wanting a lower caffeine alternative.

Cupping Notes – Starts with nutty undertones and finishes with full bodied sweetness.




Now you can create your coffee just how you like it!

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  1. Select Roast Weight
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First Crack 352*F – an Extremely Light Roast, this roast is pulled during first crack, bean color is light brown, highest caffeine, flavors are light and rather sharp (acidic) not a lot of sweetness, more tea like (green tea).

Light Roast 362*F – our Light Roast, bean color is light brown, caffeine very high, flavors are light and becoming more defined, beginning to sweeten, somewhat tea like and acidic.

City Roast 372*F – our Medium Roast, beans are medium brown, caffeine is high, unique bean flavors are defined, sugars are caramelizing, coffee is sweet and mild.

City Plus 382*F – our Medium/Dark Roast, beans are dark brown color, unique bean flavors have peaked, sugars have caramelized and are taking on the stronger roast flavors, this is that sweet yet full flavored cup of coffee.

Dark Roast 392*F – our Dark Roast pulled during second crack, dark colored beans with a light oily finish, flavors are stout, body is good, an awesome robust cup of coffee.

French Roast 402*F – our French Roast, beans are dark and oily, unique bean flavors are being overcome with that popular dark roast taste, body has thinned some, dark roast taste rules the cup.

Italian Roast 412*F – our Italian Roast, beans are very black and oily, this roast is for those who can’t get it dark enough! Makes an excellent tasting cup on our Swiss Water Decaf beans.


Keep in mind the different coffee origins will roast a little differently, so take for instance; an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe will darken up much quicker, than say, a South or Central American coffee. When you select your Roast Level your coffee will be roasted to the specific temperature you selected.

In other words, we roast by temperature and not by color, so while there will always be a little variance in bean appearance from origin to origin, the internal roast level of the bean itself, will be fairly uniform depending upon specific bean density, moisture etc.

You may find that you prefer certain origins roasted at a certain roast level and other origins roasted at maybe a slightly darker or lighter roast level. The beauty of our system is that your coffee will always be roasted to the specific temperature you selected, allowing you to modulate each roast to your desired roast level, every time you order Smokin Beans Coffee, this will enable you to develop your own coffee personality, specific to your taste.


The delightful awesomeness of our Smokin’-Good-Fresh-Roasted-Coffee is thanks in part to the improved technology of our profile hot air coffee roasters. This technology gives us the advantage of a very even precise computer controlled profile roast. This allows us to roast each batch of your beans to perfection, at the specific roast level you selected, while perfectly unlocking the unique awesome flavors that each bean has to offer.

Most orders will be roasted and shipped within 48 hours, by Priority 3-Day shipping. Your coffee will arrive so fresh the beans are almost still smokin’… Now that’s Smokin-Good-Coffee!

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1-pound Whole Bean, 1-pound Ground Perc (coarse), 1-pound Ground Auto-Drip (med), 1-pound Ground Espresso (fine), 2-pounds Whole Bean, 2-pounds Ground Perc (coarse), 2 pounds Ground Auto-Drip (med), 2-pounds Ground Espresso (fine), 5-pounds Whole Bean, 5-pounds Ground Perc (coarse), 5-pounds Auto-Drip (med), 5-pounds Ground Espresso (fine), 10-pounds Whole Bean, 10-pounds Ground Perc (coarse), 10-pounds Ground Auto-Drip (med), 10-pounds Ground Espresso (fine)

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