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Cupping Notes – A rare peaberry that has a concentrated flavor with a creamy and full body and slight nuttiness.




Select the roast level you prefer. Select weight and whole bean or ground.

Use the following guide to help you determine the roast level you want. Keep in mind that beans from different origins will roast a little differently and may be a little lighter or darker than beans from another origin at the same temperature. We will pull the roast as soon as the beans reach the roast level temp you have selected.  

First Crack 352*F – an Extremely Light Roast, this roast is pulled during first crack, bean color is light brown, highest caffeine, flavors are light and rather sharp (acidic) not a lot of sweetness, more tea like (green tea).

Light Roast 362*F – our standard Light Roast, bean color is light brown, caffeine very high, flavors are light and becoming more defined, beginning to sweeten, somewhat tea like and acidic.

City Roast 372*F – our Light/Medium Roast, beans are medium brown, caffeine is high, unique bean flavors are defined, sugars are caramelizing, coffee is sweet and mild.

Medium Roast 382*F – our Medium Roast, beans are beautiful brown in color, unique bean flavors have peaked, sugars have caramelized and are beginning to take on the stronger roast flavors, this is that sweetest yet full flavored cup of coffee.

City Plus 392*F – our Medium/Dark Roast pulled at the beginning of second crack, beans are dark brown and may have oily patches. Flavor is perhaps the fullest at this roast level with a perfect balance of sweetness, yet becoming more robust.

Dark Roast 402*F – our Dark Roast dark pulled near the end of second crack, dark colored beans with a light oily finish, flavors are strong, body is good, an awesome robust cup of coffee.

French Roast 412*F – our French Roast, depending on the bean origin most beans are quite dark and oily at this point, unique bean flavors and sweetness are being overcome with that popular dark roast taste

Italian Roast 422*F – our Italian Roast, the beans are oily and black, this roast is for those who can’t get it dark enough! Dark roast taste is intense in the cup.

You want the best cup of coffee every time. So do we. Our coffees are premium slow roasted to perfection in small batches and according to your selected roast level. We use only the world’s finest hand-picked coffee beans and we never over roast our beans, so your coffee tastes awesome hot or cold.

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