Central American coffees are quite popular with Guatemala and Costa Rica leading the pack but don’t leave out the others like El Salvador, Honduras, Mexican, and Nicaragua. All are unique, delicious, and blend well with other coffees.

Costa Rican Coffee

Costa Rica is regarded as one of the world’s premier coffee growing regions thanks to it’s volcanic soil, ideal drainage, and the skill and determination of the farmers here.

El Salvadorian Coffee

El Salvador produces some outstanding coffees and the coops and farmers that we work with are committed to support reforestation and enrich their communities with schools and hospitals.

Guatemalan Coffee

Guatemala coffees come from their many rich coffee producing regions. From the famous Antigua basin, to Huehuetenango, and beyond, they have coffees to meet almost any coffee lovers liking.

Hondurian Coffee

Our Honduras coffees are shade-grown, and hand-picked from the excellent coffee growing regions near the El Salvador border. The Coopertive San Antonio benefits over 1500 local families.

Mexican Coffee

Our Mexican coffees are also shade-grown, naturally cultivated, and are processed and exported by indigenous coffee growers in the region of Chiapas, Mexico.

Nicaraguan Coffee

Our Nicaraguan coffee comes from the highlands between mountain range Isabela and Lake Dorado. This coffee estate was initiated by two entrepreneurial women, 4th generation in the coffee business.