Brazil is known the world over as one the most dedicated and prolific producers of coffee beans. Brazilian coffee beans are nutty, low in acidity and offer a sweet taste that bursts with chocolate tastes. There is a long tradition of Brazil coffee beans being sold to and roasted by Americans, which is really no surprise as about one-third of all the world’s coffee is grown in Brazil.

Coffee beans from Brazil offer crowd-pleasing coffee that appeals to the palate that prefers a flavorful coffee with an outstanding body. Very dark roasts from Brazil pick up an ashy, bittering flavor which is best used for espresso.

Coffee from Brazil is an excellent choice for those who enjoy cream or sugar in their coffee. You will really be surprised by how smooth it is on your palate. The coffee from Brazil is as rich and interesting as the heritage and history of the country itself. If you desire a premium cup of coffee, you will do no better buying anything else.

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