These days, flavored coffee goes way beyond hazelnut and vanilla. At Smokin’ Beans, we strive to offer savory flavored coffee that tastes extraordinary. But just what gives our flavored coffee that great taste? The secret to a great flavored coffee is in the coffee bean. You start off with premium, quality coffee beans regardless the flavor of coffee you choose, you wind up with a cup of coffee that is savored to the very last drop.

Some people are quite happy with the taste of a premium coffee, while others prefer to spike their caffeinated beverages with store-bought flavored creams or powders. Still, others prefer their coffee comes already equipped with the flavors they desire. If you crave a uniquely roasted coffee, choose from one of our many flavors including white chocolate raspberry and roasted bear claw, believe us, you won’t be disappointed. And if just thinking about our flavored coffee is making you crazy, then by all means order a pound or two of our roasted Jamaican Me Crazy blend.

Our flavored coffees range from sweet to nutty to exotic, but all start with very delicious coffee beans as a base to create memorable coffees you will enjoy with every sip. Be bold and give something new a try, it might wind up becoming your favorite flavor.

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