When people think about coffee from South America, they often find themselves fixated on Colombian coffee. This might be for any number of reasons, but likely because Columbia is one of the top producing countries in the world when it comes to great tasting coffee beans. The classic Colombian coffee profile reads like a sweet love story with a strong caramel sweetness and a hint of nutty undertone. These sweet, medium-bodied coffees are most recognizable to our palettes.


Though not a powerhouse like Colombia, Peru produces highly organic and quality coffee beans each year for export. Peruvian beans are mild in flavor and middle-of-the-road in acidity. Peruvian coffees are grown very high in the Andes Mountains, this altitude gives the beans a bright snap of flavor and gentle sweetness.


Brazil is known worldwide for being one of the most prolific producers of great coffee. They produce rich, full-bodied coffees that manage to maintain a smoothness that is often found in lighter roasts. Some Brazilian coffee beans feature a pleasant cinnamon nuance with just a slight undertone of chocolate, these type of beans are perfect for drip or espresso. Brazilian coffee is much like an adorable aunt, pleasant and slightly nutty.

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