The best coffee beans in Indonesia come from the prime growing regions of Sulawesi, Sumatra and Java Arabica. These coffees are well-known for their full-bodied and rich taste with a long aftertaste and gentle acidity. Some coffee beans from Indonesia taste quite earthy and are loved my millions.

Java Arabica Coffee

A good Java coffee exhibits a body that is heavy and rich but with low acidity. It can be said to be rustic in its overall flavor and maintains a lingering finish. Though an earthy coffee, it is less so than other Indonesian coffees including Sumatra coffee and Sulawesi coffee.

Overall, coffee from Java leaves a sweet impression with a slightly smoky twist. It is a coffee that can be described as supple and smooth.

Sumatra Coffee

In the world of coffee, Sumatra coffee offers a number of contradictions. Those who remain intrigued with Sumatra blends insist the coffee is complex, but with a simple taste and its weight is heavy, but without the heaviness. Contradictions aside, Sumatra coffee beans offer a romance of acidity and richness that tantalizes the palate from the moment it hits your lips.

Sumatran coffees are fruity and earthy and hold aromas ranging from toasted almonds to maple syrup.

Sulawesi Coffee

Sulawesi coffees are often described as the jewels of India and are grown in some of the highest regions. Sulawesi coffees are full-bodied with earthy and rustic tones with low acidity.

If you are searching for a vibrant and smooth coffee, give a Sulawesi blend a try.

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