Central America
In Central America, you will discover coffee beans with a variety of acidity, yet beans from this region are best known for their balance. This means those who are new in their relationship with coffee will enjoy the not too bitter, not too acidic and fairly smooth flavors Central American coffees have to offer.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers coffee beans that are simple and balanced in nature with a relatively high acidity and a heavy body. The region’s most famous coffees come from Tres Rios, Heredia and San Marcos de Tarrazu. Many of these regions have reputations of having the most meticulously prepared coffee beans in the world.

El Salvador

Despite being the smallest country on the American continent, El Salvador ranks very high in coffee production. Though this has not always been true as political unrest has been regular beset for this nation.

Coffee beans from El Salvador are generally softer and less acidic than other coffees from the region. The coffee beans are grown at high altitude and offer flavors that are complex and fragrant.


Guatemala is another coffee producing powerhouse in the world. The best Guatemalan coffees offer a distinctly spicy and unique smoky flavor. Guatemalan coffee is often very acidic and is medium to full in body and very rich in flavor.


Many Honduran coffees come from high altitude regions that receive a lot of rainfall, which gives the soil a tinge of acidity.

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