Indonesian and India coffees are known as island coffees. The rugged mountainous terrain of these countries is some of the most remote and hardest to navigate in the world but the rich soil, high elevations, the humid atmosphere produces some of the richest tasting and most famous coffees that are used in coffee shops around the world.

Sulawesian Coffee

Sulawesi coffee is comparable in taste to Sumatra but produces a more consistent cup and is considered by some experts to be the premium offering from Indonesia.

Sumatran Coffee

Sumatra coffees are a staple in coffee shops around the world and are used extensively in blends adding body and earthy spice notes to the cup.

Java Coffee

Java coffee plantations were established by the Dutch in the early 18th century. These estates transport ripe cherries quickly to their mills after harvest, the coffee is wet-processed, resulting in heavy body and a sweet impression.

Indian Coffee

Perhaps the most famous of the India coffees is the Indian Monsooned Malabar. These large white beans are harvested in the rainy monsoon season and feature earthy, tobacco, and spice notes.