Coffee culture is quickly evolving. No longer is coffee a mere enabler of our panic-filled all night studythons nor is it something we disguise with layers of sugar and flavored creamers. No indeed, today, coffee is a complex and respected beverage, which is further appreciated through experimentation of various types of coffee beans from different regions.

So set down that cup of Folgers and introduce your palate to something amazing, coffee beans from around the world.

Central America has greatly influenced our coffee profiles. These coffee beans balance a fruity acidity with a smooth sweetness and is often described as a coffee with clean flavor. Brazil is one the world’s largest producers of coffee beans and provides upwards to 25 percent of coffee we consume here in the states.

South American coffee is comparable to Central American coffee in that they are both light and mild. But coffee from Columbia tends to be sweeter and less acidic and is more chocolatey in flavor.

Africa is the origin of coffee. African coffee beans can be best described as fruity, complex and floral, with a rich, full-bodied taste.

Asian coffee tends to be darker and more earthy than other blends. These coffee beans are less acidic, more complex and even described as savory.

So go ahead and treat yourself to some great tasting coffee from the region of your choice.