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AFRICAN – BURUNDI – try the combo – Burundi/Daybreak Blend.

  • TASTE NOTES: Strawberry, Kiwi, Lemon Acidity.
  • Farm * 2nd in Burundi Cup of Excellence
  • Processing * Washed, Sun Dried on raised beds
  • Altitude * 1,400 – 1,750 meters
  • Varietal * Bourbon

Though the Kirimiro region of Burundi produces a lot of specialty coffee, this lot comes specifically from producers with newer plantations. It’s processed at the TEKA washing station, which is well known in the area for its meticulous processing and Cup of Excellence coffees. The washing station produces about 950 tons of coffee each year and has storage capacity for 80 tons of parchment. Fermentation times for washed coffees vary between 12 18 hours, and drying takes about 8-10 days in raised drying tables in normal conditions.

Recommended roast level – Light to Medium


DAYBREAK BLEND – try the combo – Daybreak Blend/Burundi

  • TASTE NOTES: vanilla, strawberry, clove, milk chocolate
  • 3 – Region Blend
  • South America * Asia * Africa
  • Categorized as * Breakfast Coffee/Social Coffee
  • A coffee that is as fresh crisp and bright as break of day.

That refreshing, crisp, cool, Daybreak, fresh with the possibilities of a new day… your day. This coffee features crisp and bright African acidity, lightly infused with Asian cocoa notes, sweetened with an aromatic Latin American coffee.

You want the best cup of coffee and so do we. That’s why we carefully select and sell only the very finest high-end unroasted green coffee beans available. Rest assured, you will be hard pressed to find a better price anywhere for this size offering of fine quality, top grade coffee. We enthusiastically encourage sustainable farming and bio-diversity. We buy from farmers and partners who embrace our high ideals, and who treat workers well and pay fairly. We’ve found that those who are committed to these goals grow coffees with the finest taste and highest quality.