• Do I shop single origin or blends? * It is a matter of personal preference – our blends are highly recommended!
  • What is the benefit of shopping blends? * No guessing at what beans blend well together.
  • What is the difference in the cup? * As a general rule—blends offer a more balanced and flavorful cup.
  • How do I get the best price on blends? * Our combos offer the best pricing per pound.
  • How do I get a combo? * Choose the combo option when you select your item weight.

PERSONALIZE YOUR ROAST! – Why is our fresh roasted coffee so much better?

  • It’s Gourmet Coffee – high quality gourmet beans small-batch roasted artisan style.
  • Super Fresh – we only roast-to-order, we never pre-roast to stock as most roasters do.
  • Best Taste – expertly developed profiles bring maximum sweetness/flavor to the cup.
  • It’s Your Coffee – you get to choose from many origins and exciting new blends.
  • It’s Your Roast – experience the joys of roasting by choosing your own roast levels.
  • Adventure – just like roasting it yourself in your backyard – you own it!
  • Rewarding – boring is gone! Now stock your coffee bar with multiple choices.
  • Hero – you become the coffee expert, wowing your friends and family with your style!