African Coffee Beans and Staying Safe and Healthy

Over the last few weeks, things have changed dramatically and our lives have been adversely affected. At least to a certain extent. Experts agree that we need to be taking precautions during these worrisome times. There are steps you need to take to keep yourself and your family safe and healthy.

Staying at home is a good start. Brew a pot of coffee and reflect on all of the good in your life right now. Smokin’ Beans Coffee Company, your source for African coffee beans, offers science-backed tips to follow in this time of crisis.

Clean Your House

It is very important that you do your best to keep your house clean. You need to be wiping down all surfaces in your home as often as possible. Countertops, appliances and tables should be wiped down on a regular basis, and don’t forget stair railings, toys and doorknobs. Pay close attention to high-traffic areas as well.

Avoid Crowds

It is recommended that you avoid confined places where people tend to congregate. This means don’t go to the gym or take the bus, stay at home and indulge in Netflix instead.

Shoes at the Door

In order to prevent dragging germs and bacteria in from the outdoors, take your shoes off when entering your home. You should also leave backpacks and lunch bags at the door.

No Touching

We are all worried about spreading germs, it is best to keep to ourselves. This means avoid shaking hands, hugging and high fives until this passes. It is acceptable to touch elbows.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a wonderful thing, but you shouldn’t rely too heavily on it. Sanitizer is effective, but handwashing is far better.

Stock Up

There should be enough supplies in your home for a few weeks. Stock up on food and supplies, but there is no need to hoard them. Make sure you have plenty of canned goods, medications and non-perishable foods.

Keep Moving

It is very important that you and your family don’t spend too much time indoors, on the couch watching television. Exercise is a great way to boost your immune system, so it is critical that you and your family stay busy. Going outside for a walk or bike ride is a great way to exercise, get some fresh air and get a dose of vitamin D.

Change Clothes

When you get home from running errands or going for a walk, change your clothes just to be sure. There is nothing wrong with being overly cautious.

Avoid Watching the News Too Much

Many of you might turn to a news channel to get updates, this is fine. But don’t sit in your house glued to the news channel on television for long periods of time as it can create panic and anxiety.

What you need to do is engage in some fun activities with your family. You can all play board games, read books or watch funny movies.

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