African Coffee Beans and Toxic Coworkers

Unlike the coffee that you drink, you don’t get to pick your coworkers. Which is too bad because they have a huge impact on the state of your happiness at work. When you have to deal with a toxic coworker, work life can be a real challenge.

Prolonged exposure to toxic people at the workplace can lead to a tremendous amount of suffering and stress. In addition, it’s just no fun having to deal with a fool. Smokin’ Beans Coffee Co., your source for African coffee beans, offers ways in which you can better deal with toxic people at work.

Keep Yourself in Check

Whatever you do, never stoop to their level. It is far too easy to become angry with these types of people. Check yourself and keep your anger under control.

Have an Honest Conversation and Be Candid

If you do not have a brutally honest conversation with the toxic coworker, you are partly to blame if the relationship continues to be dysfunctional. You simply can’t assume that this toxic person will wake up one morning and have a completely different attitude.

You don’t have to be rude or mean, just be stern and make your point that their behavior is unacceptable.

Don’t Complain About Them

Complaining about a toxic coworker implies that you have no power over the situation. Instead of complaining to everybody about the toxic coworker, offer a solution to the problem.

Set Boundaries

You need to teach toxic coworkers how they should treat you. Each time to sit down with them and set boundaries, you become a stronger person and they are less likely to be toxic around you.

Let Them Act Out

The best way to deal with a toxic person is by never completely blocking them out. Let them talk and give their ideas, no matter how bad they are. If you allow them to be toxic, others will see them for what they really are.


Another way to deal with toxic people at the workplace who are sucking your soul with negativity is by arming yourself with people who give you energy. Ignore the toxic coworker and go find the friends you have at work who make you happy and are fun to be around.

Reward Good Behavior

Even if you are not a supervisor, you can still reward a toxic employee for good behavior. This is a great way to show toxic people that you don’t tolerate or engage in their poor intentions.

When a coworker is being positive, you can praise them for their actions. You can use body language and verbal cues to distance yourself from that coworker when they are being toxic.

Limit Engagement

Toxic coworkers create problems, spread negativity and spread gossip, which will leave anybody drained and damaged. So it is in your best interest to limit the time you spend with them. Respond to them in short sentences and respond to them with zero enthusiasm and they will take the hint.

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