Specialty Coffee Beans and Reasons We Hate Winter

At this very moment, it is the middle of winter and Christmas has come and gone. And you might be one of the unlucky Americans who is suffering through a snowstorm or cold spell.

Now, if you are the type of person who enjoys sipping coffee in front of the fireplace while squirrels and bunny rabbits are outside freezing, that’s fine, we don’t judge. But we are willing to bet that the majority of people would trade that snow and cold in for sunshine and warm temperatures.

Winter is fine if you own a 4×4, enjoy snow skiing and don’t care about cute, little mammals, otherwise, it’s for the birds. So grab a cup of coffee from Smokin’ Beans, your source for specialty coffee beans, sit back and enjoy these reasons why winter is the least favorite season.

Too Many Layers

There are a lot of layers happening in the winter. You have to bundle yourself and your kids up every time you go out. This means anywhere from three to six layers of clothing depending on how cold it is outside. Heck, it’s so cold that you need to layer up in the house.

The worst part about layering up is that your hair is a constant staticky mess.

Everybody is Sick

There is just no way to avoid catching a cold or getting the flu in the winter. You are cooped up in the house or the office all day and there is no way to avoid people who are sick. Sven from marketing just strolled past your desk and coughed; now you are going to be sick.

Things are even worse at home. The kids bring home every germ they caught at school and share it with the rest of the family. Well, at least they are sharing.

Driving Hazards

The snow and ice make driving quite hazardous. Even after the snow and ice have melted, the roads are still a mushy nightmare. And did we mention that everyone forgets how to drive once the first snowflake hits the road?

Cabin Fever

Cabin fever might not be an official medical term, but it is a well-documented condition. Basically, cabin fever is a state of restlessness, depression and irritability brought on by the fact you are stuck inside for days or weeks at a time. Better stock up on coffee, ice cream and comfort foods.

It’s Cold

In the winter, you are cold from the moment you get out of bed in the morning until you crawl back into it at night.

Unhealthy Eating Habits

Your calorie intake increases in the winter. It seems that this primitive instinct to stockpile calories in anticipation of cold temperatures and short days kicks in around Thanksgiving. It’s no surprise that you gain weight in the winter.

No Exercise

Even a small amount of activity is good for your health. But in the winter, there are limits to what you can do. You can bet that jogging through the park or walking the dog is out of the question when the temperature is in single digits and there are two feet of snow on the ground.

The only exercise you get in the winter is pushing your car out of the snowbank or shoveling the driveway because we all know you are not going to the gym.


People stay at home in the winter for plenty of reasons. For example, the roads are bad, activities are canceled due to weather and it’s just too cold to go anywhere. You skip bowling night because of the icy roads and you don’t go to your friend’s house to watch the football game because of the snow.

You don’t have these types of problems in the summer. The desire to avoid the snow and cold leaves you home and feeling isolated and lonely. And you can bet the isolation has a negative impact on your overall well-being.

Short Days

If you love to sleep 12 hours a day, then five hours of daylight is great. It’s not at all fun going to work in the dark and going home from work in the dark. You never get to enjoy the few hours of daylight in the winter.

Not that it matters, really, you can’t do much outside in the winter anyway.

The best way to deal with winter is to enjoy a great cup of hot coffee from Smokin’ Beans. Order now.