Green Coffee Beans and Reasons Why Fall is the Best

We totally understand that for some of you, tears are shed at the end of summer. Gone are the days of eating ice cream, going swimming and weekends wearing nothing but shorts and flip-flops.

But you fans of summer need to know something, fall is almost here and you should embrace it.

Summer is fine and has its perks, but some of us get tired of sweating through 90-degree temperatures. And while we will miss the dips in the pool, we won’t miss much more of summer.

One of the best things about fall is sitting at your dining room window staring out at the vibrant foliage while sipping a delicious cup of coffee from Smokin’ Beans Coffee Company, your source for green coffee beans.

Here are a few reasons why autumn is by far the best season.

Christmas is Coming

Raise your hand if you don’t like Christmas. Just as we thought, not a single hand went up in the air. A few months back, when you were watching fireworks on Independence Day and sweating profusely, Christmas was probably the last thing on your mind.

But as fall rolls in, the crispness in the air and the shorter days have you thinking about gifts under the tree and sipping coffee by the fireplace.

Football Season

You can’t watch football in the summer. You can watch baseball, which is great, but even that gets a little stale by September when your favorite team is out of the pennant race.

From college to the pros, fall is the time of year for watching football. It is also the time of year for tailgate parties and great food and drink.

Fall is also when you get to start watching basketball and hockey again. There is also a magical part of the year that happens every fall. It is when all four major sports are in session. That’s right, you can watch a football game, basketball game, hockey game and baseball game all on the very same day!


Firepits can be utilized all year long. But there is just nothing better than sitting around a firepit in the fall. It is great to sit around the firepit on a coolish evening in the fall roasting marshmallows and talking about how awesome your day was.

Fall Fashion

Shorts and flip-flops are super comfortable and a way to keep cool in the summer, but they aren’t a fashion statement by a longshot.

If you wish to make a fashion statement, fall is the best time of year to do so. Fall fashions include hoodies, sweaters, boots and that super cute jacket you found at Macy’s.

Pumpkin Everything

Pumpkin spice gets a lot of grief from some people, but we love it. Never mind the pumpkin spice beer and coffee drinks, you can now get pumpkin-spiced potato chips, cream cheese and milk. That’s right, pumpkin-spiced potato chips. They go great with football.

Fall is nearly here, so stock up on coffee beans from Smokin’ Beans Coffee Company.