Ethiopian Coffee Beans and Types of Bosses

Every workplace is different. The place you work might be exciting, but for others, it might be a place you feel awkward even asking a question. Often, the differences between workplaces come down to the boss. Your boss helps shape the culture of the office.

When you start a new job, or suddenly have a new boss, it is important to identify the type of boss they are and to decide the best way to form a beneficial relationship.

Smokin’ Beans Coffee Co., your source for Ethiopian Coffee Beans, offers the types of bosses and how to work with them.

The Yeller

This is the type of boss who thinks people listen better, work harder and will obey better if they yell at them. If your boss is a yeller, just make sure you are following directions and everything should be fine. A yeller yells at everybody, so never take it as a personal assault.

The Micromanager

The micromanaging boss is a perfectionist and will be involved with everything that you do. Don’t let your micromanaging boss kill your motivation. Instead, recognize that you will be micromanaged and do the best that you can.

The Idiot

From time to time, an idiot somehow makes their way up the corporate ladder and into a management position. It is a real challenge working for an idiot. If you are working for an idiot, it is critical that you maintain a good work ethic.

It is also best to settle back for the ride. In time, the idiot’s superiors will realize they made a mistake and you might be the replacement.

The Buddy

This is the type of boss who just wants to be pals with everyone. The buddy boss likes you and they do hope you like them. It is fine to be friendly with a buddy boss, just remember to keep everything professional.

The Introvert

The introvert boss prefers if you stay out of their office and leave them alone. They have no people skills and enjoy working all alone. It is important that you are self-sufficient if you have this type of boss because you can’t be asking them questions all of the time. Just quietly do your work and it will all be good.

The Visionary

The visionary boss has great plans for the future but has no idea how to get there. They rely on the team to forge a path. Listen carefully to their ideas, take notes and you will get along just fine.

The Democratic Boss

The democratic boss wants input from everybody on the team to ensure that every path forward is a collaborative effort. Give your honest opinion in meetings and everything will work out for the best.

The Great Boss

The great boss is the ideal boss to have. This is a boss who is willing to listen to your ideas, asks for feedback from employees and leads a positive work environment. You are lucky if you have one.

Some might think this type of boss simply does not exist. Well, we have some pretty solid proof they do exist, just not at the places you work.

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