African Coffee Beans and Types of Office People

When you have a bunch of people cooped up in a building all day long sipping on coffee and staring at a computer screen, everyone reverts back to a primal state. This means that your food in the company fridge isn’t safe and you have to deal with annoying co-workers all day long.

Aside from dreamily staring out the window, briefly crying in a bathroom stall and secretly scrolling Facebook with your smartphone hidden under your workstation, people at your office tend to socialize and otherwise interact with each other.

The people you interact with at work sometimes become your friend, others become enemies but most of them are just people you know who have very annoying habits. And should you ever quit your job and get hired by another company, you will meet the exact same people you had to deal with at your other job.

Smokin’ Beans Coffee Co., your source for African coffee beans, offers the types of people you find in every office.

The Office Gossip

This office personality requires little explanation, you all know who this person is. In all likelihood, the office gossiper started out as a gossiper in kindergarten and now they gossip in their professional life.

Stay away from the office gossip as it is difficult not to be swept away by their tales.

The Anti-Social

It is difficult to say why some co-workers are anti-social. It could be just don’t like people or perhaps they just find solitude a more satisfying experience.

You are all familiar with the anti-social type, they are the type you never see at office parties and Friday happy hours. You won’t even find them hanging out in the lunchroom.

The Office Clown

It is a tossup whether you despise or love the office clown. At their best, the office clown helps break up intense situations, livens up boring meetings and can make you laugh, even on a Monday morning.

At worse, they just think they are funny but they aren’t funny at all. In fact, they are awkward and never take anything seriously.

The Lunch Stealer

The night before, you take out everything you need to prepare a masterpiece sandwich for work the next day. In the morning, you get up extra early to piece together your creation. You get to work, pop your Dagwood-inspired sandwich in the company fridge and sit at your desk all morning dreaming about how epic lunch will be.

When noon comes around, you sprint to the lunchroom only to discover your sandwich has been breadnapped.

So in retribution, you steal everyone else’s food.

The Human Buzzword

You all know that co-worker who is like, “Ping me later” and “My bandwidth is full” and “It’s on my radar.” They are constantly spewing cringeworthy buzzwords that nobody wants to hear.

The Passive-Aggressive Note Writer

Rather than approach a fellow co-worker to discuss the matter maturely, this person prefers to leave passive-aggressive notes every time someone makes them mad. They also leave notes accusing others of being inconsiderate and selfish.

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