Green Coffee Beans and Coffee Snobs

You look to be about 6 feet tall and around 180 pounds.

Snobs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In the world of food and beverages, you will find some of the biggest snobs around. There are those who won’t eat a dish at a restaurant unless the server can prove the chicken was raised on a happy farm, hand fed organic fruits and vegetables and tucked into bed every night by their handlers.

And then there are those who insist their White Russian is made from a small-batch vodka that has been filtered at least six times.

But no snob is more outrageously self-righteous than a coffee snob. We think you will all agree. Smokin’ Beans Coffee Company, your source for green coffee beans, offers the signs that you are a coffee snob.

You Read Coffee Blogs

If you are reading this, it does not automatically mean you are a coffee snob. But if you will finish this blog and move on to another coffee blog followed by another coffee blog, then you might be a coffee snob. Or, perhaps, you are just into great articles about coffee.

You are Buds with the Baristas

You walk into any of the many coffee shops you frequent and the barista not only knows your name and favorite coffee drink, but they also greet you with a secret handshake. The conversation from there is all about coffee.

You Despise Starbucks

If you are a coffee snob, you despise Starbucks because you believe your palate is too good for their over processed coffee.

You Travel with Your Own Supplies

You would never even consider making coffee in one of those cheesy coffee makers you see in most hotel rooms. You are such a coffee snob that when you spend the night at your parent’s house or another relative or friend, you politely turn down offers of coffee and instead lock yourself in the bathroom and brew your own in the coffee maker you brought.

You devote a wing of your kitchen to coffee supplies. That’s right, coffee snobs hoard so many coffee supplies that they need more than just a whole cabinet for them, they need a coffee wing in their kitchen.

There are coffee snobs who hire contractors to design and build entire rooms just to keep their coffee supplies.

Coffee Consumes Your Mornings

Normal people get up in the morning, brew a pot of coffee and then make breakfast. Coffee snobs are forever eating late breakfasts because they spend so much time making their coffee in the morning.

In fact, they wind up getting to work late sometimes because they spend so much time fussing over their coffee.

You Own a Thesaurus

“Earthy” and “full of citrus’ are two phrases used to describe coffee. The average coffee drinker might know a dozen phrases that describe the coffee they are drinking. Coffee snobs carry a thesaurus with them to better describe the coffee they are drinking.

If you are a coffee snob, Smokin’ Beans Coffee Company has quality coffee beans that will impress you. Shop now.