African Coffee Beans and Winning the Lottery

As you are sitting at your desk at work or on your easy chair at home, sipping a fine cup of coffee, you contemplate which would be better: Winning the lottery or brewing the perfect cup of coffee. The answer isn’t as straight-forward as you might think.

The lure of massive jackpots always sends people to the convenience store to buy lottery tickets. It is, after all, fun to daydream about having more money than you can count or know what to do with. But winning the lottery might not be all unicorns and rainbows.

The same stroke of good luck that landed you millions to spend on mansions, luxury cars and exotic trips just might ruin your life.

Smokin’ Beans Coffee Company, your source of African coffee beans, offers reasons why brewing the perfect cup of coffee is far better than winning the lottery.

Long-Lost Family Members

A family member who just landed millions of dollars in the lottery is a better option for cash than the bank. Lottery winners are often targets for long-lost relatives who knock on the door with their hand held out.

There will be those relatives who come out of the woodwork upon the news of a lottery winner in the family.

Failed Relationships

Money woes can strain a relationship, to be sure. But people who come into big windfalls find that having a ton of money can destroy a relationship as well.

Often, the person winning the lottery is emotionally unprepared for such an enormous burden and winds up making unfortunate decisions that tear relationships apart. In addition, the level of trust changes when somebody is suddenly worth millions of dollars.

Scams and Lawsuits

Lottery winners are often the targets of scams and bogus lawsuits, anything to get money from them. Winning the lottery means you need to be on the lookout for people slipping and falling on your property or worse.

And these might not even be total strangers. When you win the lottery, you need to be wary of everybody including your babysitter, mailman and workout instructor. There was even a man in Pennsylvania who hired a hitman to off his brother, who had just won 16 million in the lottery in hopes to inherit the winnings.

You Like Where You Live

Many lottery winners have to move to a new city because they suddenly find desperate people at their doorstep every day. In fact, many of them have to deal with several people on their property at any given time looking for a handout or wanting to talk about an investment.

You Like Your Friends

If you think that you will keep the same friends after winning the lottery, you have got another thing coming. Your friends are likely envious of your winnings and you might wonder if you should be sharing your wealth with people you have known for years.

So as you can see, winning the lottery is not always a good thing. Brewing the perfect cup of coffee, however, won’t change your life for the worse. Stock up on African coffee beans from Smokin’ Beans Coffee Company today.