African Coffee Beans and First Date Destinations

A first date is all about getting to know a person better. It is the next logical step after chatting online or meeting through a mutual friend. Now it is time to see if there is really a flame that needs to be stoked or if it will simply fall flat.

What you need to figure out is where to go on your first date, which in itself can be quite a dilemma.

We think the ideal place to go on your first date would be to a coffee shop. It makes sense once you stop and think about it. If you are struggling to figure out why taking someone to a coffee shop on a first date is a great idea, we can help.

Smokin’ Beans Coffee Company, your source for African coffee beans, offers you the reasons why a coffee shop is an ideal place to head for your first date.

It’s an Easy Escape

While you are hoping to hit it off with your date, that isn’t always what happens. Sometimes, you just can’t see any reason for a second date. If things are really bad, you can’t even wait for the first date to end.

If you hate the date, you will be glad you met them at a coffee shop. There are several ways you can cut this date short.

First of all, you can slam your coffee and say you have other things to do. If things are going really bad, you can excuse yourself to get a refill and scurry on out the back door.

You Stay Sober

If you haven’t already learned; drinking alcohol on a first date isn’t the best of ideas. You can swear to yourself that you won’t drink, but if you are sitting in a bar on your first date, ordering a shot of tequila or four might be too tempting.

Being buzzed or drunk on a first date is way overrated, especially if you are the type who says stupid things when you drink or will just sit there and stare at your date with glazed eyes.

Just know you won’t make a complete fool of yourself on your first date if you stick with drinking coffee.

Fits Everyone’s Schedule

You have certain times that you have lunch or dinner and this probably holds true with your date. This means that a 6 p.m. dinner might be perfect for you, but your date eats late lunches and will not be hungry until later.

The beauty of drinking coffee at a coffee shop for your first date is that you can do it at any time. If you are both free at three in the afternoon, then set that date.

People Watching

As you are sitting in the coffee shop sipping coffee with your date, there will never be a dull moment as you are bound to see some pretty kooky characters that make good fodder for conversation.

On your second date, you can invite them to your home for coffee. Just make sure you order your coffee beans from Smokin’ Beans Coffee Company.