Unroasted Coffee Beans and Coffee Makers

America runs on caffeine. There is just no use denying it, there are millions of Americans who, quite honestly, could not make it through the day without their coffee. For these Americans, coffee is a mandatory part of their day. And in all likelihood, their day begins by brewing a pot of coffee in their kitchen when they wake up in the morning.

One of the biggest reasons we need coffee first thing in the morning is to wake us up. Once that caffeine has hit your veins, you are ready for whatever the day brings you. Of course, many people have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning because of the taste. They simply enjoy sipping coffee in the morning.

Whether you enjoy your morning cup of coffee because it motivates you or you drink it because you love the flavor, you need a good coffee maker to brew your fantastic unroasted coffee beans from Smokin’ Beans.

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

If you love a cup of cold brew coffee in the afternoon or evening as much as you do a cup of hot coffee in the morning, this is the coffee maker for you. It makes an endless array of beverages including coffee, tea and cappuccinos thanks to its milk frother.

Krups Savoy Coffee Maker

The Krups Savoy coffee maker features a reusable filter, an all-black body and 12-cup glass carafe. It also comes with a backlit LCD screen with digital touchpad controls from which you can program the clock to automatically brew your coffee in the morning right before your alarm goes off. Like the Black and Decker coffee maker, the Krups Savoy will brew a mean cup of coffee without having to take out a second mortgage to pay for it.

Bunn Velocity Brewer

Step into most any restaurant and you will likely spot a commercial Bunn machine brewing the coffee. Lucky for you, Bunn makes coffee makers for your home. Bunn has made its name designing utilitarian coffee makers that are easy-to-use, compact and make a great cup of coffee.

You won’t get any bells and whistles with a Bunn coffee maker and it’s not much of a looker either. People won’t be impressed with the look of your Bunn, but they sure will love the coffee.

Breville Precision Brewer

Breville’s single goal is to make a coffee maker that is powerful, versatile and makes a mean cup of coffee. From what others say, they hit that goal with the Precision Brewer. It might be a little large, but the build quality is exceptional and it does stand out in a crowd.

Black and Decker

The Black and Decker 12-cup coffee maker provides an excellent cup of coffee without breaking the bank. There are great coffee makers out there that will set you back several hundred dollars. But the Black and Decker is inexpensive, will brew your coffee hot and will keep it that way for two hours.

For a great cup of coffee in whatever coffee machine you have, order your coffee beans from Smokin’ Beans Coffee Co.