Unroasted Coffee Beans and the Apocalypse

If the end of the world were to start today, do you know what you can do to survive?

The end of the world isn’t going to happen in ways you might think. For example, the dead aren’t going to rise from the grave to stake claim on the earth and we aren’t going down by some super virus. It is also unlikely that the earth will end by a couple of countries nuking each other, we have moved beyond such a scenario we hope.

The end of civilization as we now know it will begin when we lose a major resource: Coffee.

If you think about it, it makes a whole lot of sense. A world population without coffee is a population panicked that they can’t have their morning pick-me-up. Just think about how rude and angry you are in the morning until your cup of coffee. Now, imagine feeling like that ALL of the time. Indeed, when a disaster strikes and wipes out our supply of coffee, it will be the end of the word.

You might be wondering what catastrophe could possibly wipe out our supply of coffee. Well, it could be a shift in climate that does it, or some infestation that we cannot control that takes out the world’s supply of coffee beans. But it really doesn’t matter because when we do run out of coffee, what are you going to do?

Smokin’ Beans, your source for unroasted coffee beans, offers ways you can survive the apocalypse.

Pack a Survival Kit

If you don’t already have a survival kit all packed away in your home or car, we suggest you get on that right away. What would you do if something happened and you had three minutes to leave your house? You would panic and grab cans of food and your phone and maybe some water, but you would forget a can opener and be screwed anyway.

For this reason, you need to be prepared ahead of time. So go ahead and fill a backpack with the essentials you will need to survive the apocalypse and stay one step in front of chaos.

Use Your Phone

The one thing seemingly none of us can live without nowadays is our smartphones. And when the apocalypse does happen, our smartphones will be pretty useless soon enough. However, it is estimated that we will have about six months of GPS before unattended satellites will stop functioning. This means you can still use your smartphone to navigate to safety.

Find a Hideout

When the supplies of coffee run out, people will turn mean and ugly, probably far worse than zombies. It is in your best interest to get away from them. To do this, you need to find a place hidden away where nobody can find you. Mind you, there are a lot of good hiding spots in the city, but without electricity or running water, it makes survival difficult. After all, you can’t hunt in the city or start a fire because that would certainly give away your location.

Your best bet is to hunker down in the great outdoors where you have a fresh water source and learn how to grow your own food.

Find Like-Minded People

There are people out there who would do just fine when we do run out of coffee. These people aren’t going to get all jittery from lack of caffeine and will keep their senses. Find these people and hopefully some of them will have survival skills or other skills that will help keep the group alive.

Learn to be a Scavenger

The biggest key to surviving the apocalypse is learning how to forage and scavenge for the things you need. In addition to food and water, there are any numbers of items you can find that will help in your quest to stay alive. You need to know what you want, where to find it and a means to get it. Remember, it’s the apocalypse so there are no rules, so anything goes.

Hopefully, it won’t be in our lifetime that we suffer the apocalypse. In the meantime, stock up on coffee from The Smokin’ Bean Coffee Company.